Holistic Wellness Workshop - Sunday, April 14, 2024 - Antioch, IL

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The sound of the instruments will wash over your body providing a vibrational healing from the beautiful sounds that resonate throughout your body. Enjoy the beautiful crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, ocean drum, rain stick, chimes, native flutes and gong while they cleanse you're body giving you a relaxing vibrational massage!


Tuning forks vibrate at a specific frequency. When struck and placed on the body, the vibration reduces body tension which then reduces pain. Everything in the universe vibrates, including the human body. Tuning forks are used to bring the energetic body to alignment by balancing our chakras into harmony.


Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) healing mat stimulates our metabolism and natural healing process, deep muscle and tissue therapy, detoxifies the body, relaxation of the nervous system by improving circulation, and alleviating pain and replicating the earths Schumann Resonance healing frequencies from 3Hz to 64 Hz.


The inHarmony® Meditation Cushion is a Vibroacoustical - hear it and Vibrotactile - feel it technology to achieve meditation very quickly relieving stress and anxiety. The inHarmony professionally crafted playlist guides us through focused meditations, healing and breathwork. Sit, relax and meditate.



NeurOptimal® is a dynamic brain training technology, similar to "defragging” your computer's hard drive. It’s suddenly easier to get out of your own way and access your “A game”. Roadblocks can fall away, life just seems easier and more in flow. Given the right information, every brain can reveal its optimal best performance.


Solex AO Scan Technology is a unique educational tool that communicates with the body via subtle bio- frequencies and electromagnetic signals to identify the areas that may be out of balance. By identifying those areas that may need assistance, you can then make the proper lifestyle changes to optimize your health and reach a state of harmony and balance.


Sportneer® is a Smart Scale that provides a smart way to stay fit by providing 14 essential body measurements, allowing you to define, reach and improve your fitness goals by using bio-electrical impedance analysis technology featuring eight different sensors. It delivers top-rate informational standards, offering less than 2% chance of error.


In our home and office, we should be safe from high frequency EMF radiation signals. Using the EMF Monitor to detect the signal strength in the areas you spend the majority of your time, is a very easy way to be protected from high levels of EMF radiation. The monitor picks up the signal instantly so making adjustments is very easily done.



We have 12 primary meridians and approximately 800 lymph nodes in our bodies. Keeping the meridians and lymph's flowing freely throughout our bodies is a major benefit in achieving optimal health and wellness. Meridian stretching and lymph node flow techniques are easily adopted into our daily routines to keep our bodies free of blockages.


Herbs amaze me every day on how effective they are at healing the body. Nature provides the remedies for our bodies to heal and when given the chance they are magical. Advantaging herbs to cleanse the body from the daily exposure to the elements is the best gift I have ever given myself. Years ago, these remedies worked, and today they still do.


doTERRA® essential oils are continuously tested to guarantee a therapeutic grade quality and used in doctor offices and hospitals. Essential oils are used topical, aromatically, and internally, singularly or in formulated blends to create solutions in our daily life to aid with body aches, tension, sleep, focus, anxiety, energy, and a myriad of benefits.


Every BODY is different. Just because Kale "is said" to be great, doesn't mean it's great for your body. Taking a food sensitivity and nutrient density test can reveal the things that are making you chubby, causing aches and pains, giving you stomach aches and essentially causing inflammation in your body. Lift the veil to understand your body with a quick test.







Mix and Match

To Create Your Experience

Tuning Forks - Body Tension & Pain

The tuning forks Are applied

to the Body to melt away

tension and pain.

20-90 minute session

$2 per minute


Tuning Forks - chakra balancing

Full Chakra Balancing with affirmations - each tuning fork resonates at the frequency of our chakras. The Tuning fork is held over the chakra to bring the chakra to balance. This is one of my favorite treatments!

20 Minute Session

$2 per minute


Sound Baths

Group and Private Sessions

Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls, Rain Stick, Ocean Drum, Gong,

flutes, Rattles and Chimes.

60 Minutes Sound Bath + 30 +/- Minute Relaxation After

Session = 90 minutes total


Group Sound Bath

enjoy A Sound Bath

with other awesome people

in a group setting

Donation Based

$20-$40 per Person


Private Sound Bath

My Studio Accommodates

10 people Comfortably,

10+ gets cozy

$20-$40 per Person

3-10 Attendees, 10+ gets cozy


PEMF Plus Healing Mat

Pulsed electro Magnetic Field, Far-Infrared Heat, Red Light Bio-

Photon, Negative Ions, and

Healing Stones - Heal the Entire body. The Mat replicates

the earths Healing frequency

Range - 3Hz to 64Hz.

*Pacemakers can enjoy all healing benefits except PEMF.

Included In all Tuning fork Treatments Free of Charge


PEMF Healing Mat Treatment

Standalone Treatment

Lay on the mat.

enjoy Earths healing Frequency.

The Far-Infrared heat and

PEMF Frequency are adjustable. Choose a single frequency or A rolling Mix ranging 3Hz to 64Hz. Temperatures ranging 50F-158F.

*Pacemakers can enjoy all mat healing benefits except PEMF.

20-90 Minutes

$1 per minute


InHarmony® Meditation Cushion

Vibro-Tactile and Vibro-Acoustic

Listening to and

feeling the vibrations

you arrive to Mediation in Seconds

Playlist Targets areas of Focus

20-60 minutes

$1 per minute


Solex AO Digital™ Body Scan

Amazing Informational technology

bring Awareness

To what is going on inside

the body energetically and emotionally. A playlist is created

by your own frequency

to listen to daily and

create healing - A Very Extensive report and Custom Playlist

will be emailed to you.

20 minutes

Remote or In-person

$2 per minute


Sportneer® Smart Scale

14 Body Measurements including Muscle Mass, Water, Protein, Fat, Bone Mass, Metabolic Age, etc.

Report will be emailed to you.

great Data!

20 Minutes

$1 Per Minute



Dynamic Neurofeedback

Brain Training Technology

15 Minute Set Up +

30 minute Session = 45 Minutes

$2 per minute


EMF detection and Monitoring

gain Awareness of high levels of EMF Radiation exposure

This service is Performed In

your Home or Office to

60 minutes

$2 per minute


meridian stretching Sequence

and Balance Poses

12 stretches - opening the major energy centers of the Body. I will guide you though the sequence and assist if needed. This is fun to do with a few friends.

20 minutes

$2 per minute


Lymph Node flow technique

Gently Open Lymph Areas

to Increase flow and

free Up blockages

20 Minutes

$2 per minute


Hand Massage

therapeutic Grade Essential Oil

Herbal healing oils

great add-on to Any service.

10-60 minutes

$2 per Minute


Clear Limiting Beliefs

12 Clearing techniques

Elevate your goals and

move past stuck energy.

20-90 minutes

Remote or In-person

$2 per minute


doTerra® Essential Oil

Healing Blends

Roller Bottle 5ml - $10

Roller Bottle 10ml - $20

Spray Bottle 2oz - $15

Single Oils - contact for Price


Food Sensitivity &

Nutrient Density Testing

Test, Don't guess.

answer the question...

What Does My body like.

I Supply the Test

in-person or by Mail. The test

is Completed by you,

mailed to the Certified lab,

results are provided via email in Approximately 12 days


In-Home Self Blood Test

96 Food Panel - $200

208 Food Panel - $300

Vitamin D Panel / Add-On - $110

Hair Analysis Test

400 Foods, 325 Non-Foods, 50 Nutrients & 50 metals - $200


Herbal Full Body Cleanse

Lower Bowel, Liver, Gallbladder, Kidney and Blood Stream.

I love this cleanse,

it targets so much and

you still eat clean real food.

Weight loss is a bonus.

6 week Cleanse Kit - $220

Liquid or Capsules

Cleanse Support is Available

Holistic Wellness Consultation

What are your Health Goals?

Remote or in-person

20-90 minutes

$2 per minute


Private Custom Events

Design Your Experience!

This can be all about you,

with family and friends Or Both.

I can host up to 10 people in my studio Comfortably,

10 Plus gets cozy.

pricing per Private event



Book your treatment minutes here,

we will customize your treatment upon arrival.

All payments are collected at the time of service,

cash is preferred.

First Time or Have Questions...

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Sound Baths are donation based; typical donations are $20-$40 per person. My studio hosts 10 people comfortably, 10 plus starts to get cozy but doable. The space will be prepared with yoga mats and blankets, so everyone is super comfy. 24 hours prior I will confirm the number of attendees, so the space is ready for everyone attending. Get ready to relax and rejuvenate.


tuning fork treaments...feet pain gone

I'M golfing this summer!

After years on my feet and a recent car accident the muscles in my feet were hard as rocks!

I had a hard time walking.

After five tuning fork treatments, I could moon walk across the floor and run up and down the stairs.

I was also introduced to essential oils for stress reduction and what a difference! My stress is reduced, and I smell things I haven't smelled in years!

I feel so good I have decided to purchase a golf membership, which I haven't done in years!

I will be golfing again this summer, what a blessing!


Retired Union Worker, Golf Enthusiast

Richmond, IL

Bye bye Lupas Pain!

Sound bath, chakra balancing, tuning forks

I walked in at a pain level 9! My entire body hurt from my Lupas; all I could do is lay in bed. My stomach was upset, my body was in pain and my anxiety was through the roof.

After the essential oil hand massage, essential oil application on my upset tummy, the sound bath with the singing bowls, gongs and chimes, the tuning fork chakra balancing and the tuning fork pain treatment on my feet and knees... I feel normal again!!! No body aches, no stomach issues or anxiety. I have cleaned my floors, done 5 load of laundry and did my dishes.

4 days later.... still no pain.

You are a blessing! I feel normal again, I love you!

Elizabeth LeClair

Beth's Beauties, Hair Salon

Lake Villa, IL

first sound bath ever!!

mind at ease, sounds took me to another place

I experienced my first ever sound bath. I was stressed and had a lot on my mind when I walked in. As I closed my eyes the sounds took me to another place. The sounds shifted my mind into a relaxed, meditative state. The sounds and rhythms made me lose track of time. I can't tell you what I was thinking of during the one-hour sound bath, but my mind was at ease. The soothing noises truly made me forget about everything and focus on none other than myself in that present moment. ​I had a great night's sleep and woke up fresh the next day. Wonderful experience.

Bryan Shaughnessy

Shaughnessy Partners, Real Estate IL & WI

Antioch, IL

Sound bath and wellness day

tools you can use to practice self care

I thoroughly enjoyed Karen's Holistic Wellness Day event! Karen is very knowledgeable and incorporates a variety of sounds that produce various vibrations to help reduce stress and provide an opportunity to relax!

The Wellness Day also provides the opportunity to learn about other tools you can use to practice self-care!!

Laurie Waldenstrom

Antioch, IL

Wellness Day Experience

wonderful way to spend a sunday!

I so enjoyed the Wellness Workshop recently.

The Sound Bath was an amazing experience. Soothing And uplifting. Personal even amidst a larger group. The yoga was a great intro/refresher. The essential oil and tuning fork sessions were so helpful. I loved how authentic and personal you were with the whole group.

Thank you again for a wonderful way to spend a
Sunday! I look forward to joining you again soon.


Sharon Corcoran

Antioch, IL

first sound bath ever and wellness day

great how hands on everything was!

I just wanted to reach out and let you know how much I enjoyed attending your day of wellness on December 10th. It was my first time experiencing the sound bath and I can’t wait to do it again. I loved learning about the tuning forks and dry brushing. It was great to try the meditation chair and PEMF mat. Part of what made the experience so great was how hands on everything was.

Thank you so much for relaxing, energizing, informative day. I am looking forward for the next one!Megann Loffredo

Megann Loffredo

McHenry IL

wellness day Workshop

had a great experience investing in me!

I am super grateful to have access to a local holistic solution, Karen's Holistic. I've recently attended one of Karen's workshops and had a great experience investing in me. I really admire Karen for dedicating herself to a holistic lifestyle and for offering her services to others near her. I can sense her joy, lightness, and health just by being near her and I'd recommend learning more about what she has to offer. Having Karen and her services nearby is a total blessing.

Kelli Scroggin

Antioch, IL

holistic healing and wellness fair

life changing in one session

I met Karen on Saturday at the Holistic Healing & Wellness Fair. She is a delight and helped me tremendously, yes life changing with one session! I was rear-ended at 60mph 10 years ago. Head, neck, back injury. I’ve been living in pain and frozen muscles since then. While the bi-weekly massages, chiropractic adjustments and a few acupuncture treatments along with daily stretching has given me temporary relief. Karen used her tuning forks on me for 40”. When she was done the weight of the world melted off my shoulders, I could stand up straight! I have much work to continue and plan to see Karen on a regular basis. Give it a shot, you won’t regret it!


Deb Schwartz

Cottage Grove, WI

first sound bath ever

less stress...daily and during the holiday

Happy Thanksgiving Chica. I have to tell you that when you asked me before how the sound bath went, I said good, it really was. I felt things during it that I haven't felt before but lately, wow. Today on Thanksgiving I did not stress, only once because my husband got in the shower before me! I've felt different because my stress level would have been worse and when I think about it, it's been since the sound bath!!! It's amazing! Thank you!


Elgin, IL



Hello Beautiful!

I have been blessed to call the Marina District of Downtown San Diego, Carlsbad and Encinitas California my home for 13 years. My place in Encinitas was smack dab between Swamis Beach and Moonlight Beach, a few steps from the Yogananda Self-Realization Gardens...the land of unicorns, rainbows and bubbles....it is an amazing place.

I made the decision to head back home but one thing that fed my soul was missing .... beautiful peaceful sound baths. So, what did my entrepreneur spirited self-do? I connected with a woman on Facebook that was hosting sound baths on the sands of Lake Michigan. She had all the instruments for a wonderful sound bath; the Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, native flutes, gongs, chimes...oh my! I was overjoyed to connect with her, and she was excited too. The universe said YES!

We started hosting donation-based sound baths in my home, actually the first one was on my front lawn...the weather was beautiful, the sun was strong, and the autumn leaves were in their glory....the bright yellows, oranges and pinks all glistening in the sun. I can't even imagine what the passersby's thought; I live on busier street...modern day Woodstock perhaps? LOL.

That was the beginning, and the momentum has continued with the universes strong wind of healing needed in the world!

I feel so blessed every day to do what I love and helping others with what they need help with!

All My Love, Karen

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